12 Mistakes To Avoid In Getting Soundcloud Followers

SoundCloud is one of the most important audio distribution platforms today. What can you do to make sure you are using this platform in the most appropriate way?


Like Facebook and YouTube, SoundCloud can be put to good use or badly abused, all depending on the technological skills we have. Here are a few tips on what we should avoid doing in SoundCloud to make sure we get the most out of our profile.




Wrong URL. Make sure your URL is the same on all your social networks. You can edit it in “Settings> Basic Profile.”


Missing links


In “Advanced settings,” you can add links to your other social networks, so your fans can easily move from one to another. Nor do you have to saturate: the most important thing is that links to your website, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.


Biography And Contact Information Absent


Put your email address or your manager’s address at the top, followed by a short biography (between 50 and 250 words) written in the third person.




Do not include your best or most representative songs. Make sure you upload songs that are easy to recognize, and that reflects what you do in the most obvious way.


Upload All


You don’t have to upload all the songs you’ve recorded. People who are going to listen to your music for the first time probably won’t listen to more than 1 or 2 songs.


Upload Unfinished Songs


Although many artists like to upload songs “in process” to SoundCloud to have comments about it or simply share their ideas, it is not recommended if you want your profile to enhance your musical career and give you opportunities.


Improper Labeling


Always be sure to include your artist name, song title, and type of mix (if applicable). You have to be able to be found when they search for your name or keywords related to you to help SoundCloud increase your public presence.


Gender Unknown


Insert the genre of your music as your first keyword. This way, when SoundCloud executes its “trending” function, which is based on the song genre, it will be more prone to select your song. Other important keywords you should include are original artists, collaborating artists, and record labels.


Do Not Use Your Account


Make sure you use your artist’s account regularly and comment, like “songs” and lists, etc. This will keep your account active and attract more attention to your music.


“Spam” Others


The comments section of the profiles and songs of other artists are not meant for you to advertise your new album. Don’t be the kind of person you wouldn’t like to bother your profile!


Do Not Respond To Comments


Answer each comment they left on your song. That will make people more predisposed to revisit your page and search your music more thoroughly.


Reply Like A Robot


Your responses also have to be genuine: don’t respond with the same message to everyone. In fact, if you try to connect with people, you may make new discoveries and even new friends. Followers on Soundcloud will not respond well to this kind of garbage!


If you avoid all these mistakes, you will be able to enjoy the SoundCloud community in the most optimal way and make your music prosper!